Mister Homburg hat

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Mister Homburg Hat

Hey, Mister Homburg Hat and astrakhan,
Whatever happened to the Funny Man
You carried deep inside,
But when the laughter died
He turned and ran.

I saw you in the spotlight, saw you on the screen
A Punch and Judy man who might have been
And everybody knew
The loser there was you
You wrote the scene.

And when we laughed you cried
And when we sat in silence you tried
All you knew
But when we came to say
That we´d really like to see you play
Because we love you
We love you.

You only turned and took the bottle down
It served to help you through another town
And then the papers said
That all the laughs were dead
Another broken clown.

Now there´s no more Homburg hat and astrakhan
Just empty places on the seating plan
But now they flock to say
The greatest of this day
That funny man
How sad he ran.

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